Obviously, there are pitfalls relying so much on the digital art approach.  Digital doesn't require as much discipline like the more common painting techniques. Don't get me wrong, digital art is awesome and gives me a lot of confidence to explore new approaches and styles.  And I still do that.  However, now I use digital art applications to help me plan, explore and design a composition for canvas.  I like to push things as far as I can and see where it takes me. Sometimes I succeed, and sometimes I fail. Regardless the outcome, I continue to learn, reach further and discover.  

Empty nesters today, my wife, Linda and I live in Palm Coast Florida on the intra-coastal waterway.  We are blessed to be able to see dolphins, ospreys and a lot of yachts going by everyday.  With all of this beauty, I have actually discovered to rely less on what I see, and more on what I feel and experience.  Every situation is unique, and every opportunity deserves to be considered. 


‚ÄčI was born and grew up in Atlanta Georgia, in the Candler Park, Little Five Points area.  All of my schools were as downtown as it comes: Highland Elementary, Bass High School, and Georgia State University.  After 2 years at Georgia State, I received a "greetings' letter from President Nixon and was drafted in 1972.  

After a two year tour in the Army, I returned to Georgia State in late 1974, to finish my degree in illustration.  Along with a few life distractions, I finished my degree and graduated in 1985.  After that, I spent 15 years basically away from art and shaping a career with 2 major airlines and a telecommunications company in IT Project Management.

By 2000 I began to get curious about combining my computer skills with my art background.  Initially Adobe Photoshop and Art Rage became my go-to apps.  You can make mistakes and correct them right there, so that by the time I finished a piece, it was fairly polished and complete.  In 2010 I got my first iPad, and quickly discovered the limitless art applications and all of their unique art tools.  My iPad was going everywhere with me as my sketchbook and later my studio.